Wednesday, October 12, 2011

15 facts about girls


1. Girls are inborn moody. When girls are having some bad mood, guys don't compete with
her anger.

2. When girls are sulking. Guys be ready to cuddle them, and be ready to say the secret
password "I love you". For sure, things will be okay.

3. Girls loves to hear sweet compliments, because for girls it inceases their self-confidence. Guys, if they have this new look, give them some attention.

4. When girls are too serious on something, guys for sure there's something wrong. If that's the case, guys did 
something, that girls don't like. So guys be alert. When girls says nothing, it means, there's something. Girls are just too shy to let us know. Guys force them to say something and after they say it. Everything will be back to normal again.

5. Girls are too jealous mankind. Therefore, guys stop flirting with other girls, especially in front of them. Take 
note, some girls are too quiet if they get jealous, they observe your every action. Guys, if you don't stop, expect world war 3!

6. Girls normally attract to handsome guys, but until their eyes only. Girls might attract to a 1 million guys, but their 
heart remain to the one they truly love.

7. Girls are very proud about their relationship like guys can't notice. Such as, in (Group text 
message), Facebook and TUMBLR.

8. Girls don't like short courtship. And girls don't like to ask something like, "When will you be my Girlfriend?", it 
irritates them. Guys should learn how to wait and be sincere.

9. If girls are sad or silent, they want a hug from guys, because it makes them feel better when 
guys hold them tight.

10. Girls love guys who have higher respect to girls. Such as, no kiss, if they don't want too. Instead, show them 
fondness in a nice way. Girls like guys to kiss them on the forehead, because it symbolizes, respect.

11. Girls are easily turn on to a guy who is very protective. Girls likes the feeling of being safe with her man.

12. Girls like guys in action, not in words. That's why most girls prefer guys they can see personally than text or 

13. Girls really love guys who shows effort, even without a special day. And girls loves to be treated as Princess.

14. Girls like guys who introduce her to his friends and especially to his family. They feel they are the luckiest 
woman on earth!

15. Girls are very pretenous, especially if they are badly hurt. When girls left all alone, that's the time they let their 
feelings out, that's the time they cry a lot. And that's why, girls love sensitive guys.

p/s: As for me,everything said here is true. All this 15 are me.